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Camp 18 Loggers Memorial and Museum

New! Promotional license plate frames for the Camp 18 Logging Museum and Loggers' Memorial. These plastic frames are designed to bolt directly to your license plate and permit full legal visibility of the lower-corner date tags. Your purchase of these frames helps support the ongoing historic artifact and display recreation activities at the Camp 18 Logging Museum and Loggers' Memorial in Elsie, Oregon

The frames are priced at $10.00 for two frames, and are shipped in a durable corrugated cardboard container.
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U.S Orders International Orders

Price: $10 plus $5 shipping*

Price: $10 plus $10 shipping*

*International shipping is an additional $5.00 per License Plate Frame.
*US shipping is an extra $3 per License Plate Frame.
Inquire about quantities in excess of 4 License Plate Frames.
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